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What are your chances of being casted for a reality TV show? It’s probably not as low as you think. Studies have shown that a large majority (over 76%) of reality TV show watchers have no desire themselves to be on reality TV, even though we’ve all imagined ourselves as the contestants or reality tv show stars at one point or another. How could you not? There’s something tantalizing about the idyllic life of being famous (as long as you’re not the star of Locked Up).

Getting casted on a reality TV show depends upon a few important factors: ranging from your location, age, looks, the show you want to be on, you’re influence as it stands right now, and more that we’ll cover. We’ll go over where to find casting calls, past experiences from reality stars that helped them get casted, what casting directors are looking for and a few more important pieces of the puzzle that will put you in the best position to get a reality TV gig! (Hopefully leading to being featured in an article on our site)

Where to Find Casting Calls for Reality TV Shows

The internet is your friend in finding the right casting calls for a reality tv show audition. There are tons of resources cited below that are the same resources thousands of reality tv stars have used in the past. We’ve found the best of the best so you won’t have to waste your time anywhere else.

Actors Access

Actors Access is the main website used in the US industry for all casting calls. It does cost money like a few other resources on the list at $68/year. You can get in touch with agents and make submissions within the website. If you’re going to pay for a site, we would recommend this one – although there are alternate free methods of finding casting calls online. Check out their Facebook and Instagram for more information.


Backstage is the another source on upcoming castings for actors and extras. Unfortunately it is another paid resource. We’ve linked to their website below for you to check out. On Backstage you can set up notifications to follow all new postings and filter by your location, gender, and other qualifications so you don’t have to waste your time. While backstage is a great resource for casting calls, not every company goes through them and they can be pricey.

Casting Networks


Company Websites

Social Media Groups, Pages, and Accounts

Facebook Accounts

Reality TV Casting Calls (40,000+ members)

Reality TV Casting Calls (10,000+ members)

Casting Calls for TV

Casting Calls for Los Angeles, California

Casting New York, New York

Casting for Atlanta, Georgia

Casting for Austin, Texas

Casting for New Mexico

Casting for the UK

Casting for Ontario

Last Minute Casting Calls

Instagram Accounts




Other Accounts

LinkTree of Casting Calls

Lead Casting Call on Twitter

Do You Need an Agent to Get Reality TV Show Auditions?

For scripted television and movies, agents are almost a necessity, but things in the reality TV world are different. There are a large number of open casting calls for reality TV auditions that allow future reality stars and competitors to not necessitate an agent. Surely that doesn’t mean that an agent isn’t useful though. Agents are proactive authorities in knowing where to look and when to look. They get first dibs on all the pertinent information for upcoming shows through their networking abilities. Their knowledge would allow you to submit the best audition forms and prep you for interviews with producers, but they’re not an end all be all for reality tv show auditions since many casting calls are open.

It isn’t as easy as contacting an agent and using them though if you go that route. You’ll have to apply to get an agent. We’ve covered what it takes to get an agent if you’re interested in exploring that path.

Advice for Getting Reality TV Auditions

Once you manage to find a show that you want to make a submission for, you have to be ready for a few things; such as producing an audition tape or forms. Audition tapes for reality tv series typically consist of a short 1-3 minute segment answering written questions posed by producers, other forms typically relate to releases and answering questions in writing about yourself.

What Makes a Great Reality TV Audition Tape?

Making the best possible reality tv audition tape requires you to showcase the extremes of your personality. While you don’t want to pretend to be someone you’re not completely – you do want to show producers that you do have a larger than life personality. As one casting director for MTV’s the real world puts it, “If you need to take a shot, grab a cup of coffee or go for a run, do whatever you can to get your energy up. That’s my biggest piece of advice for people.” Mike Lush, says that ““The biggest thing is showing me that you have big energy and that you’re a big personality.”

There’s nothing that’s off limits within a reality TV audition tape. You’re trying to stand out from thousands of other applicants to get casted and you need to do just that. Crying, bragging, and dressing up are all fair game for auditions. As another casting director has said, “one of the biggest things for us is finding those really solid, those really unique personalities.” Reality TV casting directors are looking for confidence in one’s bombastic personality, “it has to be authentic,” is constantly repeated among the group.

You also have to consider the video itself, how it’s shot and formatted and what actions you’re going to take within the video. Obviously you’re going to have to consider the show in which you’re submitting an audition for; You won’t submit the same audition tape for Survivor vs. Love is Blind of course.

How to Make a Great Reality TV Audition Tape

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The Ultimate Guide: How to Audition for Reality TV Shows