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An official disclaimer: we did have to set some rules on what qualified for IMDB rankings. If you filter reality TV shows on IMDB by ratings you'll end up with hundreds of shows that have ~12 total votes and a 10/10 rating. For this instance we had to rule out any show with under 5,000 ratings on IMDB to qualify.

IMDB rankings may not be the incontestable powerhouse they’re thought to be. Despite it being the #1 movie and television database in the world it’s often hounded with rabid groups of fans boosting ratings for their favorite shows (you’ll notice a few of those in these rankings). Still, it’s a great guideline when you’re looking for reality shows that deserve the recognition and to find some new series that you may have missed.

#25. Storage Wars (6.3)

While it did manage to influence an entire generation of business-minded people to start bidding on storage units, A&E’s storage wars was suspenseful at time. The show, centered around a cast of men and women trying to find valuables in abandoned storage units, made surprisingly good television. If you or I were ranking it, sure a 6.3 might suffice – but when you see what shows didn’t make IMDB’s top 25 cut you’ll think it should have been much lower.

#24. The Voice (6.5)

The long-running Voice singing competition is very well known and does deserve a top spot. It’s 2 decade long stretch may even be the reason it’s not even higher – with a difference in highs and lows between seasons that eventually flatlined beyond anything considered must watch television. It still brings a healthy dose of innocent entertainment for anyone tuning in either way and will always be remembered for it’s first few seasons.

#23. Wipeout (6.6)

There’s not too much to say about Wipeout. It was straightforward in it’s approach. A show where contestants tried to beat obstacle courses. Fun. Personally, I always preferred and would replace it with Japan’s Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (which is listed as a comedy with an 8.8 rating on IMDB).

#22. Viva la Bam (6.7)

Despite Bam Margera’s fall from grace, Viva La Bam gave us his prime. The skateboarding phenomenon was simply fun to watch and along with his parents and uncle Vito – the show had a long stretch of being some of the more braindead entertainment on MTV from 2003-2008. It would be hard to deny the show was good, but does it deserve to be the #22 ranked reality television show ever on IMDB? Probably not.

#21. So You Think You Can Dance (7)

What premiered as one of the top rated television shows of the year and ended as the top rated shows, So You Think You Can Dance opened up the dancing genre for a series of shows to follow. We have no problems with this making the list – a nine time Emmy winning show deserves that much.

#T-19. American Pickers (7.1)

Backpacking off the success of the previous seasons enormous show Pawn Stars, American Pickers offered us just enough difference to be good. It also managed to inspire an entire generation of garage sale flipper – for better or for worse. The niche it covered had enough broad interest to be interesting, but with the lack of Frank Fitz to balance the show with Mike in recent seasons we don’t expect this show to stay on this list over time.

#T-19. Catfish: The TV Show (7.1)

Catfish came about in such a timely manner. While Catfishing had been around for decades since the advent of internet and even telephones, the social media phenomenon certainly made it culturally appropriate. The host Nev Schulman, was also pretty underrated as he’s managed to become recognizable in everyday life.

#T-16. Pawn Stars (7.2)

With a more modern take on shows like Antique Roadshow, we’re not going to dispute Pawn Stars making this list in the slightest. The formatting, the cast, the Las Vegas location – it’s shown to be a recipe for success. With 17,000+ votes on IMDB it has more votes than anything ranked below it on IMDB and still managed to hold it’s high praise among fans.

#T-16. Hell’s Kitchen (7.2)

#T-16. MasterChef USA (7.2)

#T-14. Man v. Food (7.3)

#T-14. Jackass (7.3)

#13. Project Runway (7.4)

#12. Kitchen Nightmares (7.5)

#11. Survivor (7.5)

#T-9. Dirty Jobs (7.7)

#T-9. Shark Tank (7.7)

#T-7. The Amazing Race (7.8)

#T-7. Deadliest Catch (7.8)

#6. Kenny vs. Spenny (8.1)

#5. Man vs. Wild (8.2)

#T-3. An Idiot Abroad (8.3)

#T-3. MythBusters (8.3)

#2. RuPaul’s Drag Race (8.5)

#1. Impractical Jokers (8.6)

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