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We’ve learned that Johnie Maraist is a season 5 cash member for Love is Blind. The premiere date is September 2023, so we’re waiting to watch how everything will play out, that doesn’t stop the curiosity about the cast members from seeping in. Let’s explore her relationship status, net worth, astrological sign, and more.

Johnie Maraist

Since Love is Blind first aired on Netflix in 2020, people have been obsessed with those who found love and those who didn’t on this unique reality TV show. The social experiment that allows people to build relationships and propose marriage without ever seeing each other has captured the attention of those worldwide. 

Love is Blind has been widely successful in the USA and has since expanded into other countries like Brazil and Japan. With so many viewers, it’s no surprise that Love is Blind season five will be gracing our TVs in 2023. 

We’ll have to wait to see her on our screens to get to know her, but this is everything we know about Johnie.

Johnie Maraist on Love Is Blind

Since Love is Blind season five hasn’t aired yet, it’s hard to say how Johnie is on the show. If you know anything about the show, you know that there is a larger cast, but not everyone gets married, and it is even shown often throughout. 

Based on the first-look video Netflix released, it looks like Johnie will be one of the most aired cast members. After watching the first look, it’s clear that Johnie is venturing into the pods because she wants and knows that she deserves love. 

While we don’t know yet if she will make it out of the pods and further into the social experiment, we’d say it’s safe to assume that we’ll be seeing a lot of her in this new season. 

How Much Is Johnie Maraist’s Net Worth?

Most people don’t advertise their net worth online, and Johnie isn’t any different. We know that she’s a corporate transaction lawyer in Houston, and the average salary for this type of lawyer in Houston is over $100,000.

This doesn’t include any real estate or other assets she might own, but right now, her total net worth isn’t known to anyone but her and whoever she’s told. We can estimate Johnie Maraist’s net worth at over $300,000 due to her status as a lawyer.

Johnie Maraist Ex-Husband

Johnie isn’t a stranger to marriage like many of the previous Love is Blind cast members. She openly admits to a fellow pod member that she has been previously married but also hasn’t discussed it with any other male cast members. 

In the first-look trailer, we don’t hear more about the marriage or her ex-husband, but we’re sure we’ll hear more about the story when the show airs. We took a look at her social media accounts to see if there might be a leftover picture from her marriage, but she keeps them pretty private with minimal photos available to those who aren’t friends with her. 

Johnie Maraist Ex Husband

We did find her ex-husband’s Instagram, and while there’s not much information on there, it looks like he’s very into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. While it looks like he cleared out any trace of Johnie from his profile, there is one picture that he might have forgotten to delete from the couple in 2015.

Whether they were married at this point or not is hard to tell, but the picture clearly shows Johnie wearing an engagement ring, at least. 

Johnie Maraist Divorced

Much like the information we know about her ex-husband, which is essentially only that he exists, public information about her divorce is lacking. 

However, we know that Johnie and her now ex-husband Michael Hulick began filing for divorce in January 2017 and were officially divorced as of April 2017. From what we can tell, it was an uncontested divorce.

We couldn’t find out when they were married, but based on their divorce date, it was probably sometime between her undergraduate time and then they were married up until a year before she graduated from law school.

It appears as though her ex-husband is two years younger than her, so we wonder if that played any role in the couple’s divorce. As she creates relationships with others in the pods, maybe we’ll get more insight into why they divorced at some point during season five. 

Johnie Maraist Job: Lawyer by Day, Reality TV Star by Night

Not only is Johnie beautiful, but she’s smart and ambitious too! Johnie graduated undergraduate in 2013 and officially started law school at the University of Houston in 2015. 

She graduated in 2018 and started as a corporate restructuring lawyer the same year. After staying with the same firm for several years, she switched firms in 2021 and pursued her current position as a corporate transaction lawyer. Currently we know that Johnie Maraist is a corporate transaction lawyer in Houston.

Johnie Maraist Houston

Johnie Maraist currently resides in Houston, Texas, but it appears she’s originally from College Station, Texas. She attended Texas A&M University in College Station before packing up and heading to Houston for law school two years after graduating in 2013. 

She’s made Houston her home as she continues to excel in her law career, but she can easily visit home since College Station is only about 97 miles away. 

Johnie Maraist Nationality

Johnie Maraist is an American. 

Johnie Maraist Birthday

Johnie Maraist’s birthday is May 21, 1991, so she’s currently 32 years old. Her astrological sign is a Gemini.

Johnie Love Is Blind Facebook

Johnie’s Facebook page is pretty private, but if you want to take a look, you can find her page here

Johnie Love Is Blind Instagram

If you’re anything like us, we enjoy a social media deep dive, and her Instagram gives us far more insight than her Facebook page. She has a little over 3,300 followers, but we’re sure that will rise once Love is Blind season five airs. You can find Johnie Maraist on Instagram via her handle, @johniemaraist

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Johnie Maraist: Everything We Know About the Love Is Blind Season 5 Cast Member