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Love is Blind Season 5 is set in Houston, Texas. The hit reality show on Netflix is slated to return with it’s fifth season in September of 2023 with local Houston residents. Previous seasons have been filmed in Atlanta, Georgia (season 1); Chicago, Illinois (season 2); Dallas, Texas ( season 3); Seattle, Washington (season 4), and season 5 is going to be in Houston, Texas.

Love is Blind Season 5 was filmed in Houston Texas

Life in the dating pods can be tough for some and the experience of a lifetime for others – and fans are eating it up. So it’s no wonder why there would be a season 5.

Coming sooner than later, season 5 will be followed by locations in Charlotte, D.C., Minneapolis, and Denver. All of these locations have received casting calls and are currently or have already been filmed – so expect a lot of Love is Blind in short order! Season 4 premiered in March of 2024 and only seven months later season 5 is set to debut.

Love is Blind Abroad

Love is also Blind Abroad. If you can’t wait for the US version in between seasons, Love is Blind also has spinoff series around the world. Love appears also to be blind in Brazil and Japan. Brazil’s version of Love is Blind which follows the exact same format with different hosts has already finished it’s third season. Japan’s episodes premiered in 2022 with no word if there will be more seasons upcoming. Other locations have been announced such as, Love is Blind UK, Sweden, and Germany which will premiere in 2024 according to Netflix.

What to Expect in Love is Blind Season 5

Love is Blind Season 5 Sneak Peek

Besides the beautiful scenery of another Texas state (Houston) following Dallas in season 1 – we can expect a lot more of the same. The shows winning format hasn’t been changed and neither have the two hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey, whom fans have not been to fond of to say the least. While casting has not been released some fans of the show have been able to find upcoming Love is Blind season 5 cast members on social media.

We hope that season 5 lives up to the hype of season 1 and not the disaster of the unanimously least favorited season, season 4. Only time will tell how well Season 5 goes, but the sneak peek Netflix has provided does give a glimmer of hope. Fans of season 4 have been clamoring for older singles to get into the dating pods so that there is a maturity and seriousness associated with the show, although we we still some drama.

Season 5 started filming in Houston as early as January 2023, so this has been a quick turn around for Netflix. With only 10 days in the dating pods followed by four weeks of living together for the couples before their wedding day, Love is Blind accounts for the fast fix for fans.

Why Houston Makes a Great Location for Love is Blind

Houston has been a bustling city for years now, making it a great place for transplants. We should expect that not every cast member will be a Houston native this season – so don’t expect too many Cowboys. Hopefully there’s a diverse cast of people this season, after Love is Blind has been criticized for it’s lack of diversity in the past. Houston is constantly the most diverse city in America so there shouldn’t be any problem finding a great cast this season.

Besides the diversity, we should expect a lot of different view points from soon to be couples. While Houston has been a blue city for over a decade, Texas as a whole hasn’t. With this we can expect some great conversations between couples and their soon to be in laws – which many thought was a highlight of season 4.

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Where is Love is Blind Season 5 Set?